Sunday, January 9, 2022

When Does Grass Stop Growing?

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When temperatures are regularly between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, grass stops growing (5-10 degrees Celsius). Cooler weather in late October and November inhibits grass growth in Canada and the Northern States. Snow, leaf cover, or even short winter days prevent grass from growing. Grass roots require both air and water to grow. It grows quickly in late spring and early summer due to the high temperatures and sunshine.

Summer droughts can cause grass to go dormant, yet grass can grow well with enough water and sunlight. By late summer, development slows because of cooler temperatures and less sunlight. A dormant lawn isn't dead. So long as there is CO2 and sunlight, grass can photosynthesize below freezing. Their survival time depends on the type and health of the grass.

Summer drought dormancy can last up to a month for some grass. And when to mow near the end of the season? Trimming your lawn before winter helps keep it healthy. Lawns without a pre-winter cut might go moldy. Fall lawn maintenance duties include aerating and dethatching (power raking).

Knowing when to mow and trim your lawn is essential to having a beautiful yard. Temperature fluctuations signal seasonal changes and initiate plant life cycle stages. Plants respond to warmer temperatures by increasing photosynthesis. Plants go dormant or die in cold weather, and hot weather depletes their nutrition. Knowing when to mow is part of a comprehensive lawn care strategy.

Southeastern Michigan loves cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, bentgrass, and fescue. Most cool-season grasses can grow at temperatures below 50°F but slow down at 32°F.Understanding the reasons when does grass stop growing is critical to keeping it looking smooth. The changing weather throughout the year affects your grass's growth rate. Your garden lawn's growth periods become less predictable as the seasons change.

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